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EDISONsGIANT (a play with music)


 Based on the real life of the industrial revolution's most unknown hero, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, this 10 member ensemble piece questions what disability truly is. Speaking to everperson's struggle to better the society to which they constantly strive to feel a part of, it also implores creators the to choose to make only that which betters life and brings together society rather than creating that which separates us.  

*Received a residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm in 2011 with experimental cellist Brent Arnold (Ghost Quartet) and Jeff Thacher (Rockapella)


*Currently in development with composers Jeff Thomson and David Mallamud


clay monsters (play)


Based on the playwright's heritage, this play explores the hardships and complications of a family of mixed-blood Creek sharecroppers in the poverty-stricken fields and communities of the Ozarks in the 1950's. Narrated by the youngest of the 8 children, Billie interweaves family lore, the awkward introduction of popular culture, and the personal issues around passing as white among a world of polarized segregation. The play explores the identity of self while having feet in two worlds: one of a gynocratic social system based on spiritual connection to the earth and one in which toxic masculinity and fear is a norm.

*In development


MAYA: The Musical

Co-Writer and Composer

This musical was created in collaboration between the non-profits Teach For India and Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) from 2014-2016. The story follows the adventures of Princess Maya, who must save her kingdom by solving 3 riddles based on the values of Courage, Compassion, and wisdom. 

The production toured India, involved over 100 students, over 100 masks, and over 100 costumes.

Click Here for More Information (Pictures, Videos, Creative Staff, etc...)

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