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MAYA: The Musical

Cast: 5 m, 5 w and variant ensemble (flexible)

Duration: 2 1/2 hours (one intermission)

Book: Nick Dalton and David Goldsmith

Music and Lyrics: Nick Dalton, Mary Mitchell-Campbell, Lynn Shankel, Georgia Stitt, James Sasser, Tim Rosser, Paul Loesel, and more...

A traditional story of good versus evil, this musical follows Princess Maya and her friends as they attempt to use the values of courage, compassion and wisdom to lift 3 great curses that have been cast on the world.

Created through partnership between Teach For India and Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP), this original musical, with music by multiple Broadway artists, toured India in 2014.

*Winner of the 2015 William Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design 

Further productions have been mounted in Mumbai (India), Kedah (Malaysia), and Battle Creek (USA) 

The film FIND YOUR LIGHT, based on the musical, was released in India on TATA SKY in Fall 2018.



Cast: 5 w, 5 m, (optional 9 member ensemble)

Duration: 2 1/2 hours (one intermission)

Book: Nick Dalton

Music: Jeff Thompson & David Mallamud

Based on the real life of the industrial revolution's most unknown hero, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, this ensemble piece explores what disability truly is. Speaking to every person's struggle to better the society to which they constantly strive to feel a part of, it also implores creators to choose to make only that which betters life and brings together society rather than creating that which separates us.  

*Received a residency at SPACE at Ryder Farm with

experimental cellist Brent Arnold (Ghost Quartet) and Jeff Thacher (Vocal Percussionist for ROCKAPELLA)


clay monsters

Cast: 3w, 4m 

Duration: 2 hours (one intermission)

Book: Nick Dalton

Based on the playwright's heritage, this play explores the identity of self while having feet in two worlds: one of a gynocratic social system based on spiritual connection to the earth and one in which toxic masculinity and fear is a norm.


It details the hardships and complications of a family of mixed-blood Muscogee sharecroppers in the poverty-stricken fields and communities of the Ozarks in the 1950's. Narrated by the youngest of the 8 children, Billie interweaves family lore, the awkward introduction of popular culture, and the personal issues around passing as white among a world of polarized segregation.



Transcendence Theatre Company

As a Resident Artist from 2015-2016, Nick facilitated and wrote devised musical pieces for multiple after-school programs and performances. They include:


Cast: 9w, 1m

Duration: 15 minutes

Song: written with Matt Smart (Hamilton) and Shannon O'Bryan (42nd Street, White Christmas)

Created during a 12 week after-school program at Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma Valley with Middle Schoolers, this piece navigates the struggle of millennials in identifying within the continuum of gender and race based on and breaking societal norms.   

"Say Yes"

Cast: 15w or m (flexible)

Duration: 7 minutes

Song: co-written with Will Reynolds (Winner of 2018 Frank Ebb Award for Musical Theatre Writing)

Created for Fantastical Family Night in the 2016 season, this piece navigates redefining what courage truly is by imagining dual realities around the choices of historical and fictional (s)heroes.  


SMC: Live

Script Doctor


This monthly brunch, at The Laurie Beechman Theater in NYC, featured staged readings of two episodes of 80's cartoon shows including GI Joe, My LIttle Pony, Snorks, Care Bears, and more.


The rotating rep company of Broadway artists included Rob Rokicki (The Lightning Thief), Natalie Joy Johnson (Legally Blonde, Kinky Boots), Jenna Leigh Green (Sabrina The Teenage Witch), Heather Parcells (A Chorus Line), Lauren Zakrin (Natasha, Pierre, And The Great Comet...), Anne Brummel (Wicked), Markesha McCoy (Rock of Ages) and more.

Roofless Website FINAL szd2NEW.jpg

Roofless tha musical

NYMF 2010

Book, Music, & Lyrics: Tim Long and Jerome Johnson

Director: Paul Stancato

Associate Director / Script Doctor: Nick Dalton

Cast included Alan Green, Chad Carstarphen, Ben Mapp, Crystal Joy, Anita Welch, Dana Ianuzzi, and more.


Basquiat the Musical

Script Doctor for this concert reading at multiple venues in NYC (including Joe's Pub)


Director: Paul Stancato

Music and Lyrics: Chris Blisset 

Additional Lyrics: Matt Uremovich 

Book: Larry Tobias 

Basquiat is the story of how one man’s desire to be famous eclipsed his own artistic merit.  He became famous for being infamous.  His paintings drew high praise and his addictions drew higher prices. 

On the night Basquiat dies of an overdose, two iconic African-Americans, Jimi Hendrix & Charlie Parker, appear to decide whether or not Basquiat will be remembered as an icon, or a talent who wasted his opportunities.

The piece examines the role he played from 1978 to 1988 in changing the cultural landscape that would become the mid-eighties; with all the teased bangs, parachute pants and eyeliner that went with it.

The music in this piece evokes the time and place in a raw and gutsy no-holds-barred approach in combining Punk, Rock, New Wave, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Rap.  It draws us into the thrill and grittiness that was the pre-gentrified New York City of the 1980's.

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